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Production Time: 7-12 days is standard; orders greater than catalog quantities are subject to quoted delivery. Production time begins upon receipt of imprint information and payment. Domed items and consecutively numbered items are excluded. For multicolor imprints please allow 3-5 additional production days per additional color. Factory reserves right to increase or decrease production time. Such changes will be noted on purchase order acknowledgement.

Cancellations: A Minimum Cancellation Charge of $30.00 plus all charges incurred to date will be billed accordingly.

Colors: Note that colors of items shown in the catalog may not be identical to the item due to photography and printing. If color shade is critical, random samples are available for customer approval, prior to production. Where items are available in more than one color, customer must specify. If no color is chosen, we will supply assorted colors. Merchandise may vary from lot to lot due to manufacturing process and we CANNOT guarantee exact color on repeat orders.

California Proposition 65: California has a law concerning products being shipped into California, which is called Proposition 65.
Copy Changes: $22.50 ea.

Export Shipments: $25.00 plus freight. Taxes and duties are the responsibility of the recipient.
Handling Charge: A $2.50 handling charge will be added per box, $25.00 maximum per order.
Imprints: Imprint process and doming process have guaranteed imprints for the life of the product. Hot stamped printing is not permanent and cannot be guaranteed against rubbing off. Factory will not allow any credit for friction wear. Hot stamping in white foil is not recommended. On silk screened and pad printed items, gold and silver have a matte finish, and cannot be produced with a glossy finish. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed on reruns. We will supply best color imprint for item if not specified on purchase order.
International Shipments (Including Canada): FOB Anywhere of USA Catalog prices do not include duties, taxes, broker fees or freight. These fees will be prepaid and added to your invoice, provided we are shipping your order and billing you for the freight. You will be billed for these fees on your original invoice if possible. If not, you will receive notification on your original invoice that charges will follow, and they will be billed within 60 days. Export documents will reflect catalog pricing and will be provided at no additional cost. If you wish to specify a carrier and account number for an international shipment, you will be responsible for customs clearance and ultimate delivery of shipment, as well as for duties, taxes and broker fees. You must provide broker information with you order (broker name, address and phone number).
Inventory: Mypromotional accepts no liability for inability to ship an order due to stock shortages. Please check inventory with factory before placing large orders.
Less Than Minimum: $22.50 One half of the lowest quantity is absolute minimum, except where shown otherwise.
New Accounts: All accounts are on a pre-pay basis.

Phone Orders: No phone orders are accepted. All orders must be sent via mail, fax, or e-mail.

PMS Color Match: $40.00 each. Not available on hot stamped or stress-ease items but we will match standard colors as close as possible at no extra charge. PMS color matches are available on silk screened, pad printed, letterpress and digital offset items, but have some color limitations. PMS matches cannot be guaranteed on dark colored items.
Paper Proofs: Available upon request @ $12.50 per copy. Complimentary paper proofs may be faxed at the discretion of the factory. Any revisions to proofs will be charged as a new proof.
Repeat Orders: Files are maintained for 24 months. The most recent invoice number and date must be supplied when requesting a repeat of a previous order. ANY CHANGE IN ARTWORK OR PURCHASE ORDER IS NOT A REPEAT ORDER.

Returns & Credits: Complaints must be filed within 30 days of shipment. Printed orders may not be returned and will not be accepted without written authorization. A return authorization number, assigned by the factory, must appear on the outside of any packages for all returned merchandise. Merchandise that has been returned for inspection will be returned back to customer if we do not find any problem with the merchandise. Merchandise must be returned before credit can be issued. Credit will be issued only for what has been returned. Random samples may not be returned for credit. Return shipping charges must be prepaid. “Stock Tags” & blank parts will have a restocking fee of 25% billing plus full shipping charges. Blank cases may not be returned. All credits must be issued within 30 days of invoice date. No credits will be issued after 60 days of invoice date. Once blank items are decorated, no returns will be accepted. Any orders that have to be redone due to an issue with the order will be billed in full until original order is received and inspected. Any product that was returned will be inspected, once inspected any product that is in good working condition will be returned to customer.


E-MAIL Requirements: To send artwork, use the following address: All PMS colors must be identified on the printout. This printout will verify that the correct art and fonts were received. For multicolor jobs, please include a composite as well as printed separations. Mac or PC files are acceptable. SEE REQUIREMENTS UNDER ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS. E-mail records MUST have the following information: Company name, customer P.O. number, a contact name and phone number. Delays may occur if the above information is not supplied. The P.O. must be clearly marked: “ART SENT VIA E-MAIL.” All E-mailed art is acknowledged via e-mail back to the original sender.


EPS: Save all native Illustrator or Freehand files as an EPS. The file must have all fonts converted to outlines. This should be a vector file. A vector file is resolution independent, that is, it can be scaled to any size and printed on any output device at any resolution without losing its detail or clarity. Do not import Photoshop or Corel Draw files into Illustrator, below is how to send those:

CDR: Save all native Corel Draw files as CDR version X3 compatible. All Corel Files must be Vector files (no imported pictures).

Fonts: It is recommended that all text be converted to outlines when possible. If this is not possible; all Fonts, Font Suitcases, Printer Fonts and Screen Fonts must be included. We recommend Arial or Helvetica for the best printing results. We do not recommend Times Font Family. Be sure the point size will be large enough to print clearly. Serif and Script fonts are not recommended on small items nor do they print well in all caps. If typestyle is not specified on purchase order Helvetica will be used.

Art Guidelines: In order to give you the highest quality imprint, we have developed some artwork guidelines, which include minimum line weights, minimum font sizes, etc. Artwork not conforming to these guidelines could delay order based on artwork received. We reserve the right to modify your art if it does not meet these quality standards.

• All copy should be 7 pts or higher, smaller type may fill in and we can not be responsible.
• All Lines should be no thinner than 1 pt.
• requires a resolution of artwork no less than 600 dpi
[NO 72 dpi JPEG or GIF files]
• We will adjust halftone percentages and reset copy when necessary.
• NOTE: Microsoft® Office programs (Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.) are not graphics programs and will not be recognized as acceptable art.

Camera Ready Art Guidelines: Black & White line art on flat photographic paper. 600 dpi (or higher) laser prints, preferable at 200% of final size. Multi-Color Artwork: Must send Black & White color separated art with registration marks for each color. Always include a color composite.

Spot Colors: Most Tagmaster® printing is done in spot colors. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). All files containing RGB or CMYK must be converted into spot colors (PMS). The colors must be clearly identified in the file as well as on the composite (hard copy).

Halftones: All camera-ready art supplied with halftones must be “to-size” with a 65–133 line screen. Silk screen items 60–85 lpi, Pad printed items 50–65 lpi, Offset items up to 133 lpi. Halftones can’t be printed on Hot stamp items, stress relievers, or textured surfaces, such as portfolios.

Unacceptable Artwork/Text Files: Faxes or copies of faxes, photocopies, photographs, slides, transparencies, letterheads, business cards, laser art printed with a resolution of 600 DPI or less, JPEG s, GIF s, actual products, or any other art that needs to be touched up, color separated or made one color.

Straight Line Copy: can typeset your copy if we have the font that was used to create your text file. Please provide the font name and a printed sample of the font. If not, we will use the font that will work best.

Artwork Return Requests: Artwork will be returned upon written request after completion of order and payment of invoice. Written requests may be made via mail, fax or e-mail.

General Disclaimer

Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the basic products and ability to include messages and art on them, but are never intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company or that the products with those specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without permission of the owners of the trademarked, copyrighted art or copy. We accept all copy and other materials submitted by the customer for use by the factory introducing items ordered on the basis that they are submitted in full compliance with all laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, etc. The factory accepts no liability for any infringements.

Shipping: F.O.B. Anywhere in USA. All orders are shipped UPS® or Fed EX® unless otherwise requested. Larger shipments are via common carrier. Factory does not assume responsibility for carrier delays and cannot be held responsible.

Floating Key Chain Promotional Credit

Custom floating key chains are known to fulfill a lot of purposes and convenience is certainly the main purpose of this particular promotional items. Every adult of a certain age must have lost their keys at least once in their life, in the event that one loses his/her keys, the recipient of your company’s promotional floating key chains will have a way of easily describing how their key look like instead of just saying they have lost their keys – thus reducing the chances of actually locating them. Promotional float key chains offer the chance of finding lost keys off of land, instead of allowing the key to end up at the bottom of the ocean, river or pool the keys just float on the water.

Smart business owners take advantage of these particular promotional products because they know that key chains are one of the first items that a person grabs when leaving the house and of the last items that person holds when entering the house. Signature company messages and logos stand out beautifully on these promo items in a country where ads exist on each and every level. Smart business owners know that successfully catching the eye of customers remain the most vital objective to achieve.

At, we offer top quality floating key chains that are perfect for swim programs or CPR training.

You can choose to imprint one or both sides and convert the item into an eye catching promotional marketing tool. These items should be considered as an essential element of any water sport or recreation related promo programs. Schools, boot camps and YMCA’s will appreciate the uniqueness and usability of these custom floating key chains.

You can count on us to deliver right on time!


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